Surface Tension

by MuRli

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‘Surface Tension’ is the debut EP from MuRli, seven tracks of wise words and creative story telling. Bursting with character, MuRli is a musician who is comfortable pouring his life experience and unique journey into every track. As an MC, his accented cadence sees him casually switching from rapid-fire rhymes over 170 bpm riddims to heartfelt personal tales of triumph and belief alongside boombap beats. If the words and honesty don’t get you, the voice will.


released January 13, 2015

Recorded and mixed by mynameisjOhn in Limerick/ Clare 2014.
Track 7 Recorded and mixed by Andy Connolly and mynameisjOhn.
Backing vocals by God Knows, Guide and Denise Chaila.
Mastered by Ashmus.
Artwork by B+.
Press Photography by Wally Cassidy
Bandcamp background image by Barry Mullins



all rights reserved


MuRli Limerick, Ireland

MuRli is a 24-year-old MC, based in Limerick, Ireland but of Togolese descent. He's been building his story telling abilities and charismatic stage presence for some time. He’s studied his trade.
Along with God Knows and mynameisjOhn, MuRli spent 2014 as part of the Rusangano Family scene, playing support slots to Run The Jewels, Young Fathers, Snoop Dogg and BadBadNotGood as well as festivals.
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Track Name: Both Sides (feat. God Knows) [Prod. by mynameisjOhn]
Verse 1

Stories I can't tell
Should I keep them in heart or my brain cell?
Bet if I give it to the press
I guarantee it'll sell
About a thousand prints nowadays that's doing pretty well
It gets harder when you're skin ain't fair
I want to get a better job but my name ain't fair
So I settle for wages like bus fares
And be the roller coaster in your fun fair
I will work so hard till you can't compare me to no one
I will do everything in pair like Noah
I believe in getting it back twice like job
And for that reason I can't stop
In spite of the hiccups
And all of that real talk above
Now I'm all about redemption songs like Bob
But I'm MuRli from Togo, citizen by law
That's just me
Not Everybody
Daddy was a refugee so I'm free
I know a lot of people who’d pay to have this
I pray they're still them by the time they find it
When the end of the tunnel conceals an abyss
I cry for the souls who die to find bliss
I meet a lot of people who hate this practice
Of me being Irish
And I reply this


I don't have to be like you
I don’t have to be like you
I don’t have to be like you
Or look like you to be cool like you
Same way
You don't have to be like me
You don’t have to be like me
You don’t have to be like me
Or act like me to be grand like me

Verse 2

No Lyrics
Track Name: RUN [Prod. by mynameisjOhn]
Something wrong
To the beat of the drums
Something wrong
They're coming to capture your soul

Operation Apocalypto we on the run
The revolution ain't been the same since Napoleon’s
A few conspiracists entertaining us with opinions
It’s like they're on a mission to keep the verity underground
Modern days have been a nightmare
Like a whole life on welfare
A lifetime in a rocking chair
Making moves, never getting there
What's Einstein to Hiroshima?
Or missionaries to my grandma?
Some people revel in their dogma
Many would rather revert to the old or
Look to God for an apocalypse
Rotwang's in the metropolis
And it feels more like a necropolis
Now ignorance is no longer bliss
Each second of each day
We slowly burning in clichés
The he said and she said
That's overcasting the real thing…


The serious look in your face could make me a Wayans
The sense of humour I got has managed to buy me a way in
Now opposition is the primary reason I'm rated
So long lives the revolution while I get paid
Better get out of the way
I got a new Formula for the kids
But I can't take it coz I'm Obelix
Unless it's the 1 in that case I'm Lewis
Brand new Mercedes I'm rolling in
I ran over the CDs to mp3
Sold a Millie with nothing but ABCD
So my industry poo on your artistry
I'm wishing for you to reciprocate
With your followers nothing but hypocrite
Trying to vindicate choices they made
With a view to equivocate
Killing you lyricists!
Waiting on you to relax
Take advantage and make you relapse
Setting you back to the start of the laps
Smashing your records on top of your lap...

Take a minute before you release
Till the tension inside you increase
Close your eyes! Feel the energy
When the lion within is unleashed

Track Name: John Coffey [Prod. by Naïve Ted]
We never talked about love in my yard
Everybody act real hard
Cuh we got a lot of pain in our hearts
My Daddy had been working too hard
And my momma ain't the type for the vocal expressions
So we guessed the best of all emotions
They said she’s got a heart the size of an ocean
But I didn't have a notion
I just wanted my portion a little more devotion to me
A few hugs would have done it for me
But I had none so I gave none to no one
Then it got awkward to get one
Remember the first time pops said he’s proud of me
It really felt like I won the lottery
Around the same time I smoked my first weed
To get a better feel of things around me
There was smoke in the air about me
Only took a few words to clear it
A new seed was sowed inside me
I never needed trees to be high since
I'm really tryna leave it all behind me
Take it as a part of history like the Vikings
No more Ill feeling, I guess I took it back Without Michael Duncan
John Coffey.


The greener grass was on the other side
So we saved the laughter for the afterlife
But when I found out we were colour blind
I ran the green mile, and took it back John Coffey

It seems so lame to be following Jesus
You can be anything but a Christian
In our history many have deceived us
We were colonised with religion
I mean look at what they did to the children
I mean pause

Just a moment for the victims
The repercussions of a flawed system
Want to put us all in the same box since then
Saying pain marks our faces and makes us family
Independent of origin
But when your scars go deeper than a submarine
It scrapes the soul so you know it's real
And we ain't curing nothing with the morphine
I was stranded, feeling like an orphan
I needed something more than the ordinary
Same as everybody around here
I'm human I sin and I'm sorry
Because of my belief I ain't gotta be the enemy
There are just some things that ain't for me
Because of my faith, that don't mean that I'm boring
I'm blameless, spotless, holy
Said I'm blameless, spotless through Him
In spite of my appearance,
He took me back John Coffey.
Track Name: Hear Thee [Prod. by mynameisjOhn]
What the future holds for me?
What will my certifications offer me?
I'm tired of the lies and the mockery
Got me feeling like I'm an apostrophe
A substitute for something much better
If that's true then I really have a lot to read
And follow the book of life to the letter
And bring the words to life like letters
Coz when the mic’ on I'm a icon
Do it for the lost ones like Mike Brown
A verse for the young ones in my hometown
Blueprint for the upcoming generation
I'm The Lion of the Zion of the underground
Yet I'm Matthew I’m Chase and I am Jason
All of my Inner city fam with the Same Difference
Stick to the vision, never lose interest.
I could never get too comfortable
When I'm exploring all I have to do
It's the end of the month and the bills are due
Can I make a living out of making tunes?
That fear will never knock me out
I got The Lord on my side Manny Pacquiao
I will overcome doubt, look beyond the cloud
Be the cream of the crop, like the Irish stout


Hear thee
Hear thee
Coz it's been too long
Never got a shot but I bleed too much

Hear thee
Hear thee
Coz it's been too long
I never pulled the trigger but I kill these songs.

I'm becoming very hard to please
And honestly I hail from the overseas
Does that mean that I've gotta put in double shifts
Just to get one over on local MCs
And the local MPs cannot fight for my dreams
Though my mama had told me to never worry
I'm horrified when I think about failure.
Somebody said I'd be better off with a day job.
Cuh my message ain't your of tea
But I insist on buying you a drink
See, I serve life in my bars
Like I'm freed from doing a long time behind bars
With no, records of nobody making it this far
With their, body and soul, we killed it thus far
It's a great escape next time we're outside
Before we go south whoever calling the shots
This boy's pulling up his socks
I leave your live stage in a cast
I put a jellyfish in your guts
Only to see your mouth open in shock
I really want to leave a good impression
On all y'all so you can see I'm exceptionally
Outstanding and profound, I am Inception
It's a Rolex time for a reaction
Track Name: Champagne and Chinchillas [Prod. by Naïve Ted]
Yo! what you crucifying me for
I never meant to come across as a know-it-all
I’m just a simple artist trying to do my job
And I'd be eternally grateful if you could do yours
I write for the people who need it or not
Wishing they get to sing along for the craic or the love
Usually aiming at the wounds and the cracks in their hearts
Still I couldn't save the world, ain't that already done?
I touched down with a clear goal
But I couldn't shop my dreams in a photo
07 14 that's my timeframe
Seven years under your watch then my time came
Like a clock on my wrist ticking bigger times
Visions of life with my story in these punch lines
With rhythm
So let us sing my blues in jagged edged rhymes
While I'm lyrically positive like a plus sign

Chill out chill out
You all need chill out
Life ain't all about champagnes and chinchillas
Girls in the ghettos with dreams of Cinderella
Hooked on a leash of the master of dope dealers
Chill out chill out
Y'all need to chill out
Life ain't all about gold chains and gold-diggers
Over in Liberia they’re still fighting Ebola why you crying for?
You need a new phone?
Met a father in the streets who needs a new home
While his wife eulogised him as her last hope
These flashbacks to reality keeping me grounded, for real
Dissuading my passion to fly when the sky's open
I count my blessings in numeric we don't learn in school
Many reasons to stay cool
I used to want to carry the hood on my back like the local monks
Till I figure out my uncle was a little drunk
When he told me I’d be everything he dreamed of
Took me to a bar no ID but I got the picture
Of the future he saw
Of me being a womaniser
A bartender lady kissed him showing he could have her
Latest edition of his catalogue of dark adventures
Misogynistically boasting he'd leave her on a stretcher
Sat me down with a bottle of red
11:59 24th of that December
We made a toast in remembrance of the birth of our Lord.
That's the version I recounted to my mother I love
In the decade that preceded all the tube galore
Nothing new though, just icing on a cake I adored
Sunday service we worshipping, I got flashes
Infatuated by a scene out of Angela's ashes
Any sign of angels wasn't me coz that was Shaggy
Trapped under pressure of making the ladies love me
Came out of that sentence
Strengthened my defences
Prayed for my repentance on-board that flight to Dublin
Limerick city presented me with my own dream
I'm already better than what detractors thought I would be.
Track Name: Reservations (feat. God Knows & Guide) [Prod. by mynameisjOhn]
Verse 1

She told me please
Come along and I'll get you something to eat
I said I'm flattered but I'd rather get that bite with Eve
I know her story well, I'm certain coz I dug deep
Plus I ain't paid for this suit and tie to take a dip
I'm dressed up for a season
While you dressed down for persuasion
Can't you see I'm all about realness
How I spit as if I caught an illness
Yet my vision's always so good like I have God all over my bizness
I have God Knows in my bizness
“I'm serious I'm serious”
When I talk about my reservations
No allusions to recreation
I'm amending my situation
By relying on my apprehension
Better the devil you know
Than the devil you don't
Have a relation-ship with I got real issues
With relatives on my back every time like parts of my spinal tissue
With phones calls you never want to reach you
Friends around you like bulletproof
But they cannot protect you when they're artificial
So turn that fader
Clockwise so you hear me clearer
No time to be looking for Hagar
Rather keep faith in the midst of my nadir

Verse 3 by Guide

I've been waving this flag long before Knaan
Champion of the tracks no wonder they thought we're Kenyans
Gifted with a talent to capture moments like Canon
So Its true I love myself but I haven't learned it from K. Dot
Like every other man I'm constantly fighting my weakness
Fighting temptation, Mrs Carter but minus the riches
Music takes you to places I pray my daughter forgives me
For every single second we lost when I'm in this haze
No reservations, whatever she feels she expresses
Got me rambling without a compass when I'm in her presence
Sense of direction deserts me I'm so susceptible
That's when she tries to sway me away at these festivals
I'm thinking Christ figure, she's talking 6 plus
Offered the Apple... Like Steve Jobs
But I had my reservations, she had nothing to lose
Tell her rewind my verse and find the reason I couldn't lose
Track Name: Strangerphobia (feat. Steve Hanks on sax) [Prod. by Naïve Ted]
Humans are liars I'm petrified by the best of them
Stuck in a dark world I share the light with a bunch of them
Looking into their eyes I see potential for good
Reach deep into their mouths and feel their hunger for blood
Some of them yearning for love
But they lust for it more
Sometimes inside the churches with our hands aloft
While our eyes are locked behind cherie amour
She's taken
But yet you caught her looking
And you gave her the eyes
She showed you the thighs
Who corrupted your mind?
No one no one it's your human psyche
Ride on ride on welcome to the cycle
Better put on your spectacles
If you wanna see this spectacle
Gotta look beyond the optical
The real obstacles ain't detectable
Everybody out here too sceptical
About everything other than the ones they know
I don't ever want to be the one they know
And that's wonderful coz I'm full of wonders
Why they so scared of the truth I wonder…
I wonder why they’re so scared of the truth

Rappers are killers the music died because of them
Too insensitive I'm mortified for the rest
And we said goodbye to the best
They commercialised their obsessions by glamorising crime and sex
Amplified the effects
Revolutionised how we dressed
Then they made our youths heartless
When they put ices on their necks
MTV shoulda never played them
They left our children with the venom
Now they snakes in skinny jeans
Making you and your mama sin
Like Billie Jean
Having twins
From a dream
With the guy on the screen
And you blame it on me
Coz I am an mc
Tryna follow my dream
And make a scene
For the kids in my city

Humans are sinners I'm petrified by the best of them
But I am no angel I share my life with the worst of them
Matter fact I'm one of the worst
Couldn't find a way to hold my urge
For more power I'm on that search
Higher power to kill my surge
Good Lord can you quench my thirst
I don't want to use you to cover my dirt
When the church do that that hurts.
And being part of it feels like a curse
But I'm patient I let you be nurse
You be the judge in the courts on earth
I'm thinking about Gaza, I'm thinking about the north
Too many hearts broken by the hearse
I'm thinking about Gaza, I'm thinking about the north
Too many hearts broken by the hearse
Too many hearts broken by the hearse
Too many hearts broken by the hearse

Can't understand us
Coz we're strangers
Since we're strangers ain't nobody care to stand us
They can't stand us
So we're strangers
Because we're strangers
Can nobody understand us?

Humans are gorgeous I fell in love with one of them
In my heart of flesh you will find hatred for none of them
Paradoxical verses is just to tickle your senses
This particular sentence's about to make you more nervous:

Heavy artillery fuelling the hubris
That's turning humans to humus
To fertilise the desire to overpower the weak for the sake of greed
And it won't stop
Everyday we bleed
But our land won't crop
It's like our lands don't crop
So we lift our hands up
Like please don't shoot us
We just need a hand so please don't kick us out...
Because we're strangers